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Home About SCH  Gallery of Greeting Cards Commissions

I occasionally undertake personal commissions.    The gallery of greeting cards will give you an idea of my scribing style, and this page  features a few of my larger pieces.  

   -   single items for display, or a new greetings card made up to your own specifications.  Lots of advice & consultation on the way to ensure the finished design is just what you wanted.   Many friends have commented on how much they enjoy this process.  

I usually suggest a donation of an hourly rate  of about £15.00 per hour.   I can offer an estimate  of how long it is likely to take prior to commencing work.


Glimpses of a few recent  display projects

A presentation to celebrate a Golden Jubilee.

A collage to celebrate a young boy’s creative talent (incorporaing some of his own efforts!)

A scroll to celebrate the lifelong service of a retiring MP.

A favourite poem commissioned to be scribed as a gift.

NB.  I maintain the copyright to all of my work, including commissioned work, and reserve the right to reproduce or display it freely

It is also possible to commission the design of a new greetings card.  This can be a highly interactive process, both in sharing your initial ideas, and in approving the final layout.  Apart from  the scribing and any hand-drawn elements, much of the layout work is undertaken on a desktop PC and you can get involved as much as you like.  You can also contribute personal elements (photos, drawings) which you would like including.  

Several of the greetings cards already displayed were originally private commissions.  Please contact me if you are interested.

Design a Greetings Card

Glimpses of a few recent  Greeting Card commissions

For the confirmation of a young woman taking the name Cecilia.

A baptismal card  commissioned by a bishop to give to the newly baptised.

For the Prayer Trust.

Commissioned to celebrate a golden jubilee of ordination.