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St Cuthbert’s House offers a full range of scribing services  -  inscribing names on certificates, invitations, bookplates, memorial books  etc.    I usually charge an hourly rate  of £15.00 per hour (as advised by LCSI - Lincolnshire Creative solutions Initiative) .   I can offer an estimate  of costs prior to commencing work.  

For folk who prefer a piece rate, it works out at :

£2.00 per invitation  (full names of up to two people)

£1.25  per  place setting (full name)

Table plan: £45.00 + £1.00 per name

£2.50 per certificate (full name & date)


Coloured inks are available, and a range of simple hands (calligrapher’s technical term for  a scribed font) - you can  browse the website to find a script style that you like.

Decorative capitals and  more complex hands (Copperplate , for instance, requires extensive set up) are also available though they may incur an extra fee.

Discounts may be available for larger quantities, and for scribing work on SCH products.  

Please contact me directly with any enquiries

Scribing Services