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Correspondence Cards

Add a touch of distinction and elegance to all your personal correspondence & communication, and leave a lasting impression.  St Cuthbert’s House can provide you with tailor made correspondence cards,  designed to your specific  instructions so you have complete control over the impression you would like to leave.  

Personalised correspondence cards can be sent as postcards, or enclosed in the heavyweight envelopes provided.  They are printed on luxury pure white linen effect card* accompanied by top quality white envelopes , and are presented in a luxury lined, embossed presentation box (60 cards) or a durable transparent envelope with a press stud closure (20 cards).  Makes a great gift!

Bespoke Stationery Services

Monogrammed Cards

 Personal and Elegant:  monogrammed or cyphered stationery is the perfect way to make a perfect impression.  

To clear up any confusion … a monogram is a combination of letters overlapping to form a single figure; a group of letters which are not joined in this way is strictly called a cypher.   

Designing and drawing a pleasing Monogram  is an intricate business so there is necessarily an extra fee for this service.  

In the images the black WR is a monogram, the green RMJD is a cypher.


Standard weight:

250gsm bright white linen card

120gsm bright white linen envelopes

Luxury weight:

350gsm diamond white linen card

135gsm white linen envelopes

20 A6 cards + 16 C6 envelopes


Repeat order


60 A6 cards + 48 C6 envelopes


Repeat order


20 A6 cards + 16 C6 envelopes


Repeat order


60 A6 cards + 48 C6 envelopes


Repeat order


A Monogram which is growing with a family !

Box of 60 cards

Wallet of 20 cards

Prices include simple layouts such as those shown above.  More complex work might involve a further charge  -  please contact me & I will let you know. Logos can be included, although blocks of colour might incur a further charge

You can select any MS font and colour for your address, telephone number or, cypher.

If you would like to order personalised correspondence cards please email your instructions to me at  orders@stcuthbertshouse.co.uk

Please ensure you include the following information:  

1. Address line

2. Telephone line  (include email address if required)

3. Layout  -  you can choose something similar to those shown above, or please describe in your own words if you would like something different.  I will email you a proof before printing so we can change things around until you are satisfied.

4. Font and Colour

5 Number and weight of cards

I will confirm your order and invoice you (by paypal) before  finalising the design, printing & despatch.