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S T   C U T H B E R T ’ S  H O U S E Hermitage of the Diocese of Nottingham               

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September 2015


2015 was the year of Reuters, in the person of a young independent photo journalist (Neil Hall) who hoped to be able to offer the story to Head Office in Singapore. He was prepared to duck & dive around my most debilitating treatments and eventually produced a mash-up of hermitage highlights in which Mrs Hennypenny is pleased to be playing a starring role.  There are two short videos:  the first is here

January 2013


One to One with John McCarthy:  This is one of a series of interviews undertaken by John McCartney exploring the theme of being the “outsider” .  He reflects on his experience as a hostage whilst exploring the life of hermitage.

September 2012


Richard McIlroy from the BBC Radio 4 programme Sunday, requested an interview in 2012.  It is available here as on YouTube with kind permission of the BBC.

January 2011


Carlo Bevilacqua, an Italian photographer, contacted me in 2011 to ask if he could visit to take photos for his project   Into the Silence: Hermits of the Third Millennium.  He also taught me how to make tortilla!



SCH through the seasons.

October 2009


Wellcome Trust.  These are pre-plinth and post-plinth interviews associated with the Anthony Gormley project in Trafalgar Square, London in summer 2009.

October 2007


Church Times October 2007 (page 20)

January 2007


BBC Look North with Loveday Kitto - a 2 minute item on YouTube with kind permission of the BBC.  (Apologies for the rather scratchy quality of this - 2006 technology!)

November 2006


Photos of Solemn Profession as a Hermit of the Diocese of Nottingham taken by Murray White

For my first 5 years as a hermit, I was here incognito.   Solemn Profession is however, necessarily, a public occasion, and since that time there has been occasional media interest in the life of a “modern day hermit”.  These articles/links are presented in reverse date order. If you hover and click over the various descriptions you should be able to link into the relevant pages and websites.